Online Communication Degree


Students can earn a variety of online degrees in communication to teach them how to use these different forms of technology to deliver a message. Students can train for degrees including an associates, bachelors, masters, and doctoral level. Accredited study will open a world of opportunities for those who pursue and education in the communications field.

Course Work

Accredited career training can be completed in areas such as mass, wireless, media, and visual communications, as well as telecommunications. The curriculum of study is broad and will allow a degree holding individual to work in a variety of settings and industries. Coursework focuses on print, broadcast, and new media. The path taken by a communications major opens many doors for students to fully create and present the intricate flow of information through a variety of mediums. Professionals use all their knowledge gained through schooling and apply it to the communication of the organization they work for. Students can seek employment as advertisers, web designers, graphic designers, photographers, public relations specialists, communications directors, and many other professions.

Example Courses

Introduction to Communications
Digital Graphic Design
Introduction to Journalism
Social media

Business and Professional Speaking
Communication and Society
Information, Technology, and Social Change

Job Outlook

Employment prospects are strong for learners on an advertising track. The field is required to include no less than 50,000 new occupations by 2020, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Proficient certification from the Public Relations Society of America or the International Association of Business Communicators can likewise help scholars enhance their career prospects.

An online bachelor's in communications, joined with a couple of years of occupation experience, can help graduates move into administration roles. The average pay for advertising chiefs is more than $90,000 and tops $105,000 for publicizing and showcasing supervisors.  

Median salaries*

Reporter/Broadcaster: $36,000
Editor: $50,000
Public Relations Specialist: $57,500

Producer and Director: $68,500
Sales Manager: $68,500
Advertising/Promotions/Marketing Manager: $108,000

*per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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