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We live in an information society. Nothing could be more important than protecting that information. Today, security software professionals are in high demand. Clearly, cybersecurity grows more vital with every passing day. Professionals charged with the protection of computer systems and online data have to keep up with increasingly advanced technology and ever-changing attack and infiltration techniques.

With a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, you can test, implement and configure any new security software and/or technologies, apply sound security policy to their daily jobs, and provide protection and disaster recovery to companies' business systems. You'll learn innovative approaches and best practices culled from federal agencies and well known multi-national corporations and organizations, such as the FBI, US Secret Service, US Marshals, TransUnion, and Northrop Grumman.

Course Work

The undergraduate curriculum includes classes as of Computer Science, Mathematics, cryptography, network security, operating system administration, access controls, mobile device security, database security, cyber investigations & forensics etc. Cybersecurity program is an inclusive education in the theory and application of technical and non-technical security skills. These skills include applying protection, detection, and response technologies and procedures to identify threats, vulnerabilities, exploits, and controls in various cyber environments. Emphasis is placed on identifying, analyzing, mitigating and communicating risks to cyber systems using various tools, techniques, and technologies.

Example Courses

Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics
Computer Organization and Programming
System Vulnerability Assessments
Discrete Mathematics

Software Engineering Principles
National Cybersecurity Policy and Law
Terrorism, Antiterrorism and Homeland Security

Job Outlook

According to the market experts 30% job growth is predicted by 2020 in cybersecurity, or information assurance, which is one of the hottest in the country. Initial career opportunities for graduates include assistant supervisory positions in information infrastructure assurance and security. Some job titles are: information system security officer, network security administrator, Jr. Level information security analyst. In this field, if a student aspires to work in a federal office, then he must have a clean criminal record.

Median salaries*

Information Security Analyst: $72,000
Information Technology Auditor: $72,800
Forensic Computer Analyst: $75,200

Security Consultant (Computing/Networking/IT): $82,300
Information Assurance Engineer: $90,700
Security Director (Computing/Networking/IT): $120,300

*per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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