Online Nursing Degree


There is a big shortage of nurses today all over the country and all sorts of establishments are looking for people to fill positions. Programs have been developed to deal with that shortage, including accelerated online nursing degree programs that are used to get nurses out into the workforce as quickly as possible. These often require the student to already have a bachelor degree, but an RN is not required - that will come once the course is done. This is a great option for those who don't want to, or are unable to, take full time classes.

Course Work

Coursework for a major in nursing includes general microbiology with lab, human anatomy and physiology I with lab, human anatomy and physiology II with lab, introduction to psychology, and introduction to sociology. Students participate in online discussions, exercising their clinical knowledge in virtual classrooms, laboratory settings, and in appropriate healthcare settings. While engaged in an online nursing degree program, it's possible to still work in the hospital, gaining valuable clinical experience, even as you gain theoretical knowledge.

Example Courses

Experimental Chemistry
Mental Health Nursing
Statistics: Data-driven Decision Making

Technical Applications in Healthcare Organizations
Health and Wellness Assessments
Population-Based Nursing

Job Outlook

Demand for health care professionals, and professionals with nursing degree in particular, is expected to grow by 36 percent according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, with the need for nurse practitioners and other advanced practice registered nurses among the greatest.. The average annual earnings of registered nurses employed in nursing were $46,782 in 2000, according to the federal Division of Nursing. Nurse practitioners, advanced clinical nurses prepared at the master's-degree level, earned an average of $61,262, while nurses with doctoral degrees earned an average $63,262.

Midcareer Median Salaries*

Medical Case Manager: $59,200
Registered Nurse: $66,200
Charge Nurse: $68,300
Nurse Case Manager: $67,900

Registered Nurse Supervisor: $70,000
Nursing Manager: $75,600
Nursing Director: $79,300

*per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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