Online Paralegal Studies Degree


If you find it interesting to manage legal documents, compiling paper work for meeting with clients and other lawyers then you are suitable to become a legal assistant or paralegal assistant and find employment in attorney’s or lawyer’s office.

There is no doubt that the paralegal profession is growing at extraordinary rates. It offers those holding a paralegal degree a stable income, as well as great benefits. Additionally, the career provides high job satisfaction rates as well as professional recognition for individuals who do not wish to pursue an actual law degree. There are many opportunities for a person who holds a paralegal degree, as well. You have several options such as working in corporate firms, independent firms and even as a telecommuting employee. However, prior to embarking on a paralegal career, you must first obtain the proper education. There are several methods that can be used such as an online education, or a traditional bricks and mortar school.

Course Work

As a student of this program, you will develop competency in various areas of law including the foundations of law, contemporary worldviews, rhetoric and real estate. Practical course topics and assignments will train you to complete actual paralegal tasks such as writing and filing a deposition and performing a title search. Additionally, you will learn to identify, analyze and appropriately deal with ethical dilemmas from a sound moral and biblical perspective, utilizing critical thinking and problem-solving skills to formulate solutions. You will also study the application of legal principles to the resolution of problems in the administration of criminal justice, such as jury selection, police stress, and designing effective rehabilitation programs.

Example Courses

Criminal Law Practice and Procedure
Probate Practice and Procedure
Employment and Labor Law
Community-Based Legal Studies

Litigation: Evidence to Discovery
Law and Society
Legal Communication

Job Outlook

There will be a 28% increase in paralegal positions through 2018, per the United States Department of Labor. Salaries for paralegals vary depending on education, experience, certification, and specialization. According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Services, the median salary for a legal assistant in 2008 was $46,120 with more than 10% of all paralegals earning more than $73,450. In addition to earning a salary, many paralegals receive bonuses.

Highest-Paying States and Districts*

Hawaii: $55,000
Alaska: $57,000
New Jersey: $58,000

California: $59,000
District of Columbia: $69,000

*per the BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook

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